Monomaster Wasted Line Holder

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Monomaster Wasted Line Holder

Everyone knows this situation, your leader is old and frail, you need a new one, but you don’t know what to do with the old Mono or Fluorocarbon.

Just stuffing the material into your jacket pocket isn't the best solution, because it can easily fall out and end up in the water, or get caught in your pocket zipper. The Monomaster is the answer to this problem to easily collect your line waste in an environmentally-friendly way!

You can easily attach it to your vest, jacket or pack and you have it accessible all the time. A useful little tool that any environmentally friendly fly fisher should have. 

Stick the line end into the Monomaster, turn the pin, and it disappears into the container!


  • Collects old monofilament and fluorocarbon
  • Easily opens to get rid of waste
  • Built-in loop to attach to vest, pack, waders, etc
  • Voted “best of the best” in Field and Stream magazine