FNF Rubber Daphnia Fritz , chenille

€ 4,40 € 2,20

FNF have taken our already popular Daphnia material and incorporated rubber filaments to give it a more buggy feel. This material is 20mm so will require wide gape hooks or trimmed underneath so as not to mask hook points. Hanak - Kamasan - hayabusa short shank size 8 or larger is generally required. The fiber is translucent and allows other materials and beads to bleed through. Daphnia and Rubber Daphnia are both excellent materials for sculpting shapes like frogs or fry patterns. This material makes fantastic egg patterns with the rubber helping keep the egg profile and add a little extra appeal through the soft rubber. Use some Velcro to tease out the fibers for a lovely look when using egg patterns.

1m per bag.