Spirit River Lite-Brite dubbing1,6

€ 2,25 € 1,55

6” long hanks or bagged. Spirit River was the first to come up with lite-brite, a very finely shredded thin mylar. No one has a selection like us. And we offer an advanced line of HAND BLENDED MIXED COLORS. Incredible for dubbing, wings, collars and shucks. If you’re using it primarily as a winging material, try it packed as 6” hanks. The most universal way we use the material is to center tie a bundle and fold it back over on itself and take a couple more wraps. Try mixing up your favorite blend and dubbing it over a wool under body for a incredible minnow, then touch it up with a prisma Pro-Markers. Voilà…you have your own version of our LB Minnow. Available as loose dubbing bagged, or in hanks.