Whiting American hackle Rooster Cape silver badger NR35

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Saltwater and Warmwater flies have never seen better! Whiting's Genetic American fly tying feathers were specifically engineered to provide the best saltwater and warmwater large feather hackle necessary for the rigors of tying and fishing large flies. American feathers provide a stiff quill, dense barb and webbing and superbly dyed colorfast-colors perfect for saltwater and warmwater applications. Whiting was the first to offer genetic saltwater and warmwater tying feathers.

Good for tube flies, minnow imitations and other wet flies.

Cape length about 30 cm, width ca. 13 cm. Lower part and sides of the cape have biggest feathers, even up to 15 cm long. Fibre length is max. 3 cm. Unique Variant color varies.


silver badger