Compact multi Tip Kit Guideline guideline Fly Line

€ 139,00 € 69,50

The interchangeable tip-concept of the line makes it extra versatile and efficient. The Compact Multi Tip line follows the concept of our other Compact Heads, with a weight that is concentrated to the back part of the line, turning over sinking tips and larger flies with ease. Each line comes ”Ready-To Go” with small factory made loops on all ends, both on the floating body and on the tips.

Each tip is individually marked with Weight/ Sink Rate/Length. There are three interchangeable tips with each line; F, S3/4 & S6/7. Tips are packed in a handy mesh wallet. Head Color: Lime Green.

The Compact MultiTip bodys have ID prints in the front end, and the Tips have ID prints in the back end. So in short - on the Compact MultiTip lines you connect ID-printed loop to ID-printed loop.