Veniard Pheasant tail mixed

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Veniard  Pheasant tail mixed

Pheasant tail feathers are simply one of the most important natural materials for fly tying. Since the invention of the famous 'Pheasant Tail Nymph' by Frank Sawyer, countless variations of this nymph have been tied with pheasant feathers. But even for dry flies, wet flies, or for the production of legs for grasshoppers, etc., these feathers are indispensable in your tying materials. A very universal natural product that must not be missing on any binding table.


This Mixed-Pack by Veniard contains 6 individual, high-quality Pheasant tail feathers. Each piece is about 15cm long. Each pack includes feathers in different colors, dyed with a gentle process, resulting in a clean and durable material for fly tying.