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Whiting Hen Saddle

€ 22,00

Soft Hackle with Chickabou comes from both hens and roosters. The Chickabou feather is located between the legs and the soft hackle is up near the breast. The Whiting pelt contains both Chickabou and the Soft Hackle portion.

The Soft Hackle portion of the pelt has generally large, soft feathers and their uses include hackle collars for wet flies as well as tailing, legs, cheeks for streamers, wing cases, etc

The Chickabou portion has a very soft, breathable type of feather, almost marabouish, but even softer with a better breathing quality when under water. It’s uses include streamer wings, tails for nymphs and wet flies, etc.

Both types of feathers are a great addition to any fly tiers collection.